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My name is Olivia Ortiz, but everyone has called me Olive since I can remember. Ever since I was a little girl, finding connections has always been so important to me. Growing up as an only child I spent most of my days playing in nature, daydreaming about fairies, talking with animals and digging my feet in the mud. I loved feeling it between my toes.

Horseback riding has been my passion and my life revolved around it since I was 5 years old. I learned how to jump on a horse before I could ride a bike. I love the feeling of freedom when riding and how it felt like I could become one with my horse. That connection is similar to yoga where I can connect to myself and is essentially my ticket to happiness. I was lucky to grow up between two countries which powered my love to explore new places and taste new foods. I love the magic of exploring a new culture. I currently live between two countries again. I live in a tiny Swedish village surrounded by forest and lakes and in the high desert in the heart of Mexico. I came across yoga when I was 18 as a form of rehabilitation after years of struggling with Lyme disease. I wasn ’t expecting much, but it gave me the tools to finally feel good again. I learned how to reconnect with my body and feel strong. I did my 200hr YTT in beautiful Bali after 7 years of personal practice. I want to share what yoga has given me with as many people as possible whether it be in a class or at one of my yoga and wellness retreats. We all deserve to feel good and enjoy our time on this earth as much possible.